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The Rubber Group (VRG) completing the 2020 business plan

20 Feb 2021

The Rubber Group (VRG) estimated pre-tax profit of nearly VND 5,000 billion, completing the 2020 plan

According to the Vietnam Rubber Group (VRG), in 2020, VRG has completed the planned targets. In particular, the output exceeded the output level with 365,380 tons of rubber latex, exceeding the planned target of the General Meeting of Shareholders.

The total revenue of the Group in 2020 will reach 23,032 billion VND, nearly 3% higher than that of 2019. Total profit before tax is 4,955 billion VND, reaching 100% of the plan. Total profit after tax was 3,965 billion VND.

As for the parent company, the total revenue is estimated at 4,071 billion dong, 14% higher than the set plan, the total profit before tax is 2,962 billion dong, 15% higher than the plan, the total profit after tax is 2,723 billion dong.

Regarding production and business targets in 2021, the Group strives to consolidate the whole Group with revenue and other income of about VND 27,100 billion, the consolidated profit of VND 5,700 billion, separate revenue of the Parent Company – the Group 4,610 billion and own profit of 2,900 billion.

In the period of 2021 – 2025, VRG will focus on building a specific plan, roadmap to use and exploit the Group’s available resources on land, transforming and developing industrial parks, agricultural technology. high; Develop a portfolio, plan for capital transfer, divestment at the Parent Company – the Group, invest capital in subsidiaries to report to competent authorities for review, approval, and facilitate the Group’s initiative. implement in accordance with the decentralization prescribed by law, ensuring efficiency, publicity, and transparency.

Source: VRC

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