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The New Plastics Economy: CHANGE TO GROW

04 Jun 2021

In 2020, with the total revenue reaching $22.18 billion and the rise of 10.9% in comparison with 2019, the plastic industry has proved its vital role in the Vietnam’s economic outlook and in the supporting industry in particular. However, more than ever, plastic has been both a curse and a blessing at the same time:  on one hand, it contributes to economic growth and the convenience of our daily life thanks to its low cost and high applicability, on the other hand it has become a primary driver of environmental degradation, climate change and has adverse impacts human and species life. The question is: we cannot condemn and deny plastics so why don’t we together prevent its negative impacts and find out the solutions for the plastic industry by changing our mindset and action strategies?

This year, The International Plastics and Rubber Technology and Materials Exhibition and Conference (Plastics & Rubber Vietnam 2021) will come back with the theme on The new plastics economy to strive to align its activities with the sustainable objectives in Vietnam. The new plastics economy initiative aims to establish a circular economy for plastics by setting a goal of having all plastics be reusable, recyclable, and renewable. With the three main principles including eliminating unnecessary plastic products, innovating new ideas, circulating the plastics in the circular economy. The new plastics economy promises to help entrepreneurs reduce production costs, transportation costs, and waste disposal costs. By implementing this model, plastic firms have opportunity to increase the production capacity, eliminate consumer stereotypes about plastic products and strengthen brand loyalty.

With the message CHANGE TO GROW, we want to convey the meaning that the new plastics economy bears. Change in every perspective from our mindset to our actions. Businesses need to clearly understand the benefits of this concept for each individual and the whole community. Since then, it needs to change the plastic using behavior in short-term, midterm and long-term. Grow stems from the minor activity within the company to the bigger change in the community and the country’s economy. We believe that the new plastic economy implementation will contribute to the sustainable development of the businesses and build a strong community for the Vietnam plastic industry to make a breakthrough in the future.

Change is the key to grow, if the manufacturers and investors want to change and grow the business mindset, they have to step out of the box and take a look around to learn more about the local and international companies. Plastics and Rubber Vietnam 2021 has the mission to bring the new plastics economy concept closer to the attendees, through various activities:

  • Products demonstration: Introduce advanced products and technologies, especially recycling technology to update new trends for visitors.
  • Webinars & Conference: Introduce, discuss, and propose solutions to environmental issues and convey the plastics using messages. The events aim to gather professional, experts, manufacturers, investors to share their research and knowledge about the concept of new plastics economy as well as the new policies on reducing plastics waste
  • Short training course: For young students to learn about plastics technologies and the new plastics economy.
  • Social activities: Honor those who are making major contribution to the good values of Vietnam environment.


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