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Microsoft Ocean Plastic Mouse

28 Sep 2021

The Ocean Plastic Mouse is a small step forward in Microsoft’s sustainability journey. The shell of this eco-friendly mouse is made with 20% recycled ocean plastic, a breakthrough in materials technology that begins with the removal of plastic waste from oceans and waterways.

Sustainable material innovation

Recycled ocean plastic is made from plastic waste that is recovered from oceans and waterways, cleaned, and processed into recyclable plastic resin pellets. These recycled pellets are blended in during the materials development process that makes the shell of the Ocean Plastic Mouse.

Reduce device waste

You can recycle your old Microsoft mouse in a responsible manner. Microsoft offers a free mail-in program for consumers to send in their old mouse to be recycled through our contracted partners.

100% recyclable packaging

We started with a vision of a highly sustainable packaging design we can learn from. The small box is plastic free and made from recyclable wood and sugarcane natural fibers.

An Ocean Plastic Mouse widows theme shown on a tablet screen

Ocean views on your desktop

Bring the beauty of the ocean to your desktop to pair with your Ocean Plastic Mouse. Includes an exclusive ocean-inspired theme pack to complete your Windows desktop.

Source: microsoft.

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